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Coming Soon! Tyler: In and Out of Papi

Tyler Hunt has an incredible body.  I shot him a few months ago on his own and did a second shoot last month with his girlfriend Melissa.  So when Tyler called last night to tell me:

  • he had HOT new underwear
  • wanted photos of him in (and out) of this underwear
  • and was “horny as hell”

Who was I to say I was too busy?

I’m going to give everyone fair warning on these photos.

They’re WAY steamier than my normal photo shoots.


I guess that both of us got wrapped up in the moment and got a little carried away, but in my defense – I’m a gay guy and Tyler is just HOT.  So, blame me if you want to for being the guy that kept clicking the camera – but, I’m only human!

I’ve got some editing to do on the rest of the pics, but believe me when I tell you that they’re different than what you’re used to seeing on this blog.  Beautiful, yes.  But alot more explicit.  Anyway, they’re on their way because I really like them and I think you will too.  And because I’ve already warned you!

All the best-


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  1. update, please!

  2. You have no idea how excited I am to see these!

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