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Tyler Hunt: In and Out of Papi

Ok, for all of us that have no idea what “papi” even is (I was one of you until Tyler showed up last night).  Papi is a brand of men’s underwear.  I have to admit, as a guy that has been perfectly comfortable with the standard white boxer briefs, these were pretty cool.  What’s even better is how Tyler fills ’em out!  Anyway, if you love ’em, Macy’s charges $40 (according to Tyler) but you can buy them on papi’s website here for $22.

So, since I’m pretty sure that no one’s reading this because they want to buy a pair of these (unless they come with Tyler in ’em), I’ll get on to the good part.

Tyler’s an admitted exhibitionist, so he was playing around quite a bit.. hands down his pants, etc..and really getting in to it.  The lights flashed as the camera fired and each time I think it made Tyler a little more turned on.  Until he just looked at me and said “Can I pull my underwear off now?”

Well, here’s a tip to all future models.  If you’re hot and I’m photographing you YOU DON’T NEED TO ASK PERMISSION TO LOSE YOUR UNDERWEAR.  Still, I’m glad he did because I had a chance to get the camera into a better position. And, as a guy that loves a great ass, this was a REALLY good position!

Alright… more of Tyler later – OR – access all 392 photos of Tyler: In and out of Papi now for just $14.99/month!  Trust me, it just gets hotter.

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I know.. I know.. I suck.  But, hey – Tyler’s got to get paid somehow.  His underwear’s expensive!

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  1. Hey, I was wondering why I didn’t see a note from you on Tyler! ha! Check out this link, too!
    all the best,

  2. How did I miss my crush!? Gorgeous!

  3. Geeze, my computer’s 24 inch display has a huge burn spot in it now!
    He was right on it!


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