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Richard (1 of 1)-2

This is Richard’s first time modeling nude.  Not that “being green” is all that strange for you guys out there (there are alot of you that haven’t modeled nude before) but Richard was a bit .. er.. nervous for the first half hour or so.  He was – however – bound & determined to leave here saying that he’d done it and after a little while, he calmed down and we got some nice shots.  Congratulations Richard!

Richard (1 of 1)-23 Richard (1 of 1)-21
Richard (1 of 1)-20 Richard (1 of 1)-17

As you can tell from these photos, Richard keeps the front of his body “hair-free” including his armpits. “I started shaving my pits was because I used to play a lot of sports, and do a lot of exercising, and my girlfriend found all that hair under my pits to be unattractive.”  Geez, what you guys won’t do for the girls…  I’m not a fan of this look, but if it’s on a body like his, who am I to complain!  Richard adds, “The only portion of my body I don’t shave is my arms, and back/buttocks area because I can’t reach it, and don’t feel like getting waxed again anytime soon.”

Richard (1 of 1)-8

Richard says that his body is a work in progress.  “I work out 5 times a week and I hope that after about another year I’ll be where I want, but we’ll have to wait and see.”  I think he’s doing great so far!  We’ll see you next year, Richard – and check your progress against these photos!

Richard (1 of 1)-15 Richard (1 of 1)-12
Richard (1 of 1)-11 Richard (1 of 1)-10
Richard (1 of 1)-9 Richard (1 of 1)-5
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  1. Another one who’s gone for the shaved, prepubescent look. Ewww!

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