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Mitch Ellis: April’s BoxerBoy!

Mitch Ellis: April's BoxerBoy!

Whether your a fan of Jerry O’Connell or not, 21 year old Mitch Ellis is stunning to look at.

and a bod that reminds me I need to cancel that pizza I just ordered – this guy is going to be stuck in my head for quite awhile.

Mitch Ellis: April's BoxerBoy!

See ALL of Mitch Ellis in his exclusive photoshoot – plus DOZENS more hot guys for AN ENTIRE YEAR only $20.00!

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Mitch Ellis: April's BoxerBoy!

Mitch’s best friend, Josh joined us for the shoot.  Bored of anything on TV and having already checked his email from my computer, he stood in the doorway and asked “Can I hang out in here?”

I turned to Mitch as he laughed and said “Yeah, man.. Come on in.  You can sit and stare at my junk!”

I’m usually alone with my guys during our shoots.  I’ve always figured that both of us could relax a little more that way.  But Mitch and Josh spend alot of time together and both are great guys, so I was comfortable as long as Mitch was alright with it.

“How do my balls look, dude?”  Mitch asked Josh as they both continued to laugh

“they look like balls, man” Josh replied

See ALL of Mitch Ellis in his exclusive photoshoot - plus DOZENS more hot guys for AN ENTIRE YEAR only $20.00!

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The two were fun to hang out with and they really do support each other beautifully.  “Have you guys ever messed around?” I asked.  “No, but we had a three-way one night with the same chick” Mitch answered.  “Yeah?” I prodded “Any sword crossing?” Josh injected “Definitely no sword crossing”

When the shoot ended, both Mitch and Josh stood at the computer with me to see some of the shots.  “Can we do the dark shoot next?” Mitch asked, excited to see that the photos were looking great.  “Yeah, absolutely” I answered. “How about you, Josh?  Wanna try this?” Josh smiled and answered “Definitely.”

See ALL of Mitch Ellis in his exclusive photoshoot - plus DOZENS more hot guys for AN ENTIRE YEAR only $20.00!

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  1. Very hot guy! But he reminds me of [yum-yummy] Jason Wiles a lot more.

  2. I was right… Mitch is really hot!! :-)

  3. working on it, Raskal – Thanks! The location for the dark shoots affords more room to stand back and get full body shots, but the bedroom is awful for it.

  4. … and rarely – if ever – guys shot from the rear; let’s see some nice looking backs, asses and legs, too!

  5. Man, ur right. Mitch looks alot like Jerry O’Connell. I’ve always had a crush on that guy.

  6. You’re very welcome!
    Oh, and by the way…
    Hats off for the beautiful butt shots! I think a lot of young men are under the impression that women don’t find that aspect of a male’s body attractive – but they would be mistaken. I for one, have always been an admirer of that view and Mitch’s is particularly inviting!

  7. Ah Jill.. you tell ’em! Maybe he’ll listen to a woman’s perspective! Pretty hot, though – eh?

  8. What a great way to start the weekend Heather! Thanks so much,

  9. Hello Boxer:
    I’ve been a constant admirer of your work for some time. These young men you photograph are absolutely breathtaking (lack of pubic hair not withstanding) and your beautiful photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
    Mitch is just another veritable layer of frosting on an already luxurious cake. What a remarkable looking young man. Wonderful warm brown eyes and a ravishing smile. Too bad I’m old enough to be his Mom (almost)!
    Keep sending us these wonderful photos!

  10. Seriously beautiful. HOT DAMN.
    But the shaving angel. just stop it.
    It’s not at all attractive.
    If you must (because a young girl finds it unpleasant), keep it on the shorter side – but stop shaving! You only trade the hair for those unsightly little bumps that look like acne. Box must be talented at post processing, but I know they’re there. They’re ALWAYS there!
    Either that, or stop dating young girls. This 36 year old woman would keep you nice and comfortable (and naked…always naked)
    Mitch, you should really consider modeling more. You’re simply exquisite to look at.

  11. Awe.. It’s like we’re all on the same page! I’ll send the accolades and suggestions on to Mitch. Facial stubble would be great!

  12. Mitch is kinda gorgeous, isn’t he?

    His skin looks flawless! The pubes look bizarre. I’d like to see Mitch again in a couple months, razor free, maybe even a little facial stubble.

    Excuse me….

  13. very good looking guy with a great smile, but … same old comment: stop fuckin’ with your pubes, Mitch!


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