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Coming Soon: Matt Jennings Moves Into the Light.

You’ve all heard it too, I’m sure… “Hey, you’re really good at -fill in the blank-.  You should do that for a living!”  Everyone has a natural gift for something… I get told that about these photographs and it’s always a nice thing to hear.

So I’ll say it now… Matt Jennings should model for a living.

If you read about Matt’s first visit here a couple weeks ago, you’ll see that I was pretty impressed – if not blown away – by Matt’s ability to move and make each shot unique.  Well, his second shoot was no different.  I went through the positions that I’ve put other models in and told Matt to just do what he did the last time.

Matt started out in clothing because I wanted to be able to put some shots on to modelmayhem for him that weren’t completely nude, so when we moved into the bed for the “light shoot” I just suggested that Matt start out in his clothes and strip – figuring I’d just capture the process as part of the shoot.

Matt Jennings

I guess I should have also said that he should move from clothed to nude in 15 minutes or so, because I think I shot for about 45 minutes and Matt STILL had some clothes on!  But each time he moved, I was getting these beautiful images of this gorgeous guy and I just didn’t want to rush anything while he was on a roll.

Matt and I ended up with close to 1800 photos before he finally lost the underwear – and I’ve got to say, I’m happy that I didn’t rush him.  I love the images!

More coming soon!

My site recommendations for Matt?  SeanCody, ChaosMen and RandyBlue

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  1. stunning man and incredible photography

  2. Jesus, even in clothes this guy is SEXY. Can’t wait to see more!

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