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Matt Jennings: Bedroom Nudes

Matt asked me not to publish these photos when he thought he was going to be a father and had met a gal that he was really in to.  But, he called the other night to catch up.

“She took off and I don’t know where she went.  It’s all good, man… The pregnancy thing was a false alarm – so you can publish those photos from the bed shoot if you want to.”

“Ah, that’s great news.. The photos I mean.”

“Yeah, and I know I said I didn’t want to do any hard on stuff, but I saw your post on Aaron and they look good.  I might be interested in that if you want to try it out.”

Damn this has turned out to be a pretty good week!  I’m exited to try an edgier shoot with Matt.  I kind of figured that the comments on the site turned him on (even though he doesn’t admit it) and I think it’d be hot to see Matt jerking off for the camera.  He’s so good at showing emotion in his photos!

“Really, that’d be hot.. do you think you can cum?”

“I don’t know.. I’ll give it a shot, though.”

We’ll try for this weekend and I’ll let you know how it all turns out.  This may be a great week for updates!

Matt’s a nice guy.  We’ve gotten to be “friends” in an odd kind of way over the last 6 months and we keep in touch quite a bit.  Still, he can fall off the radar and I lose track of what’s going on in his life, so I was happy to hear from him.  The last time we spoke (around 1 1/2 months ago) he called to ask me if I would take all of his nude photos off of the site.  “I’m gonna be a Dad, man.. I can’t have my kid seeing their dad’s cock all over the place.”

He had evidently been thinking about it for awhile.  “Matt,” I said “If I took them all off of boxerzbed, it wouldn’t make any difference.  Your photos have been copied all over the place and there are dozens of sites that feature you on them now.”   It didn’t seem right to me that the only site not able to show Matt’s pics was the site they should be able to stay on!  We ended the conversation and I felt like he was angry with me.

“Nah, I wasn’t angry man.. you’ve always been honest.  I guess I was just freaking out about it all, but I’m over it now.”

I’m glad!  I’d miss having naked Matt in the house…

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  1. good to see matt back! … and with his hair grown back in … except in his crotch. oh well. [sigh] matt’s really a knock out in a wonderful down-to-earth way. several of the images are very good. two are excellent. the rest, so-so. you’re still resisting good butt, leg and overall rear shots which really frustrates me, especially with someone like matt. my favorite shot is the last one. as for jerking off, i’m not that wild about the idea because so many guys wimp out and jo on their backs. if matt wanks while on his knees into or onto something – how ’bout my face?! – with his legs spread, that could be hot. need to include his face, be able to his expressions when he spanks the ol’ monkey … none of this close-up shit = a big mistake made by a lot of photographers and videographers.

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