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I was really pleased with John’s shoot…

I put a random, quickly worded ad onto Craigslist when a model cancelled on me and John sent a couple photos to me in an email saying that he would be interested and -more importantly- would happily take my original model’s place for the photo shoot.  The photos he sent were awful – the kind where you point your phone at the bathroom mirror and click… So, I really wasn’t all that geared up to meet him since I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was looking forward to an afternoon – camera in hand, so he was still a welcomed guest.

But, as I watched him from my office walking up the sidewalk, I thought “Hey, he’s not too bad” and when he walked in and I saw these dreamy chocolate brown eyes I was hooked.  His complexion is flawless and -since I asked him NOT to shave for the photoshoot- the few whiskers on his face added to the masculinity that I was soon going to spend two wonderful hours trying to capture.







John’s smart and funny and the afternoon went by quickly.  I’ve been trying to get better at directing my models, and I think John probably sensed that I needed help in that department  -but this guy needed very little guidance.  I kept apologizing to him.  I mean, the poor guy’s lying there -for part of the shoot in small unflattering white boxers (sorry John, my fault) and another part fully nude- and I still couldn’t take the camera’s focus off of those eyes.  God, those eyes!  Just look:


Anyway, enough was enough – and after 300+ face shots I was finally ready to move on.

Each model is different… Not just in appearance, but in personality – and each reacts differently to being nude for the first few moments.  For John, the transition between white boxers and -well- no white boxers, was absolutely seamless.  He’s just comfortable either way, and if anything – his expression seemed to relax even more once he had thrown the boxers onto the floor.

There was a youthful – almost childlike – quality to the first few shots that I took with him on his back in the afternoon light.  Nothing sexual at all… Just as normal as he seemed to be in a t-shirt and blue jeans.  But, I had taken all of these shots of that beautiful complexion, eyes, face, hair – and frankly, I was over the whole “beautiful thing” for awhile.  “Cover your dick with your hand and hide it from the camera” I said.  He did exactly as he was asked.  His left hand held his dick from the camera’s view.  I snapped a few photos.  “No, this looks to weird now…” I stated, “Your hand’s covering your dick, but your balls are still hanging there like they’re lonely.”

He let go of himself and asked what I wanted him to do.  I told him to replace his left hand -and his dick-  and to take his right hand and cover his balls.  Again, he did what I asked.




there is a humility in his face that wasn’t there before he hid himself from the lens.  I love these photos because of that.  Almost like a child that realizes his own nudity and shame for the first time.  They’re beautiful expressions of that.  The photos that came immediately after are something else entirely.  When I weathered them post processing, they remind me of an aged and degraded derelict caught naked for the world to humiliate.





I love the results and I’m so happy that John responded to my ad.  Now that I’ve done this type of photography for awhile – I can honestly say that I never know where my next  model is coming from.  Lots of times it’s from a model that I’ve shot before.  He drops my name/number/email to a buddy of his that he thinks I might like.  Other times, it’s dancers and other guys in the adult entertainment business that need new shots done.  But, every once and awhile Craigslist works… and when someone like John answers one of my ads,  it ensures that – through all of the flakes, and phonies and 60 year old overweight men that just want to jerk off for a camera – I’ll still run ads.  Thanks John!

Here are a couple more favorites:



I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do… Leave a comment and let me know, ok?

Thanks, Box

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