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If you were stranded on a desert island and could have any one thing to bring with you what would it be?  I think I’ve decided what I’d bring along…

And, for me – that’s a big decision!  I’d could choose the coffee that I spend all day drinking, the red wine I spend all night drinking or the cigarettes that have been my constant companion for almost 30 years – there are LOADS of considerations!  But, when Jason walked through the door yesterday and flashed this warm incredible smile – I decided then and there.

Hey, I need to quit smoking anyway.

There are currently over 180 photos of Jason’s first shoot on my Zenfolio page!  To see all of these photos and many others, subscribe for only $14.99/mo!

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Jason Jason
Jason Jason

This 26 year old is fresh out of the Marines (HOT), in school to be a fire-fighter (HOT) and a devoted Dad to his baby girl (HOT).  Geez, could it get any better?

Yeah, he could always agree to model nude for a couple hours!

“Hey, I’m naked most of the time anyway”, he says with a coy grin “so, it’s all good.”

Yeah, Jason – it’s definitely all good.

Jason Jason
Jason Jason

The shoot lasted a couple hours or so, and when were finished Jason joined me at the computer to see some of the shots as they downloaded “ah, Batman – cool” I said as I noticed one of his tattoos on his right shoulder.  “Are you serious?” Jason said laughing “You’ve been staring at me for two hours and you’re just noticing Batman now?”

See?  All of my friends think that I’ve got it made over here.. Beautiful naked men walking around the house all day long.  Please.  If I didn’t have the camera, I’d probably get in a lot of trouble with these guys, but as it is – I’m metering the strobes, lining up the shots, instructing the models and trying to keep the dogs off the bed long enough to get some great photos – so, there isn’t much time to admire the guys.  That all comes later during editing.


As the photos finished downloading, I couldn’t help but stare at the ruggedly handsome figure on the screen, almost forgetting that the real guy was still sitting next to me.  I turned to him and said  “Damn, Jason – you’re just drop dead fucking beautiful.”  Those dreamy eyes of his squinted and his unforgettable smile lit the room.  “Thanks man” was all he said.

There are currently over 180 photos of Jason’s first shoot on my Zenfolio page!  To see all of these photos and many others, subscribe for only $14.99/mo!

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  1. I’ve traditionally been against tattoos too – and I’ve never been a fan of beards at all, but – for me anyway – Jason manages to pull everything (including a vibrant personality) together into a beautiful masculine package that fits him like a glove. I’ve had a complete crush on this guy since we first met!

  2. Personally I find most tattoos revolting – like graffitti on the front of the Louvre- just vandalism – no real thought or aesthetic – same ole tired images – so then a turn off. Does anyone think how truly revolting these things will become when they are no longer young and sagged and wrinkled?

    Some guys carry them off well and really have thought about what they are putting on their bodies .

  3. Thanks Ted! Yeah, Jason’s a hottie for sure! Great guy too…
    No separate section necessary, though – regardless of age, if you model for me, you end up on boxerzbed! After all, we’re all hotties to someone!

  4. Box,

    I f**king love your site and these sweet young men. Get’s my juices going. They are beautiful, especially Jason. Have you ever thought of having a seperate section for the older and sexy guys too?

    Look forward to seeing you again soon!!


  5. clarification, re: “How about the Natural Hair” (above) – yes, leave everything alone, but scratch the “gorgeous” part for me. Should have been a separate answer.

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