Artistic Nudes of Beautiful Men



When I started photographing models, I really got in to “perfecting” the shots in PhotoShop.  All blemishes and irregular skin tones would get removed and the guys would look about as near to perfect as they could.

But, as I began to really study the “before and after” shots (those I just shot against those I had cleaned in Photoshop) I began to appreciate the imperfections – both on the guys and in my photos.  Sure, perfect guys are hot… but sometimes it’s the imperfections that make them irresistible and tweaking the light so that the guy’s in a less flattering light sometimes turns a boring photo into something much much more.

This is Gabe, a student at ASU… He’s a beautiful guy – and the photos showed that.  So, I increased the exposure and shot for darks.  I like them better this way.  In fact, some of them are really, almost somber.  It gives the photos a personality that they wouldn’t have had if they were taken in a normal exposure.  In the shot below, he almost looks bedridden with the flu.  In reality, he was giving me hist best “sexy look”…


I don’t know if I’ve got it right or not.. I just try to do what I like.  But, if you’ve got an opinion – good or bad – I’d love to hear it!

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