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Devin Albright – In the Dark

Devin Albright has been one of my favorite guys for quite awhile.  Always calm and relaxed but really smart, friendly and easy to talk to.  He’s a class act as far as I’m concerned and exquisite to look at.

At just 22 years old, Devin is definitely comfortable in his own skin.  Hell, I would be too if I ever looked like this.  In fact, I’d model for myself!

He wastes no time in shedding the clothes and leaves them in a neat folded pile on the chair.  “I grew up with 5 sisters, and their stuff was always thrown all over the place, so if I ever wanted find any of my own stuff again later, I had to stay pretty organized.”


Devin learned a lot from his sisters.  “I guess I have a good handle on what women want and I have great relationships with girlfriends because of it.  I have my family to thank for that, though I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was younger.  I still fight with a couple of my sisters, but overall they’re great.”


Devin keeps himself busy by studying (he’s a college boy), working part-time and caring for his pit bull pup, Sydney.  “I rescued her from the pound a year or so ago and we’ve basically become best friends.  She gets me out of the house and away from the books and I get to take her running and hiking with me.  She’s an incredible dog.”

He still donates time every other week to the pound, where he cleans cages and spends time with the dogs.  “I just feel bad for them in that situation.  It’s not their fault, and if I didn’t go and help out once and awhile I’d have a house full – so it works out better this way.”


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