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Matt Jennings

I meet a lot of beautiful men.  A LOT of them.  But, there are very few that cause the reaction in me that Matt Jennings caused.  Not the obvious reaction, either.. I’m used to that!  More disbelief than anything else.

I picked Matt up at a local coffee shop, after a couple emails and a phone call.  I couldn’t tell whether I had chosen well initially or not.  He didn’t really look as impressive as his initial photo did (though he refrained from flipping me off while we were in the car)..

Matt Jennings

His gorgeous head of hair was hidden beneath a rastafarian-type of knit hat and he wore clothes decidedly larger than his frame.  I could tell he was a little apprehensive about the whole scenario, but as we talked, he seemed to warm up a bit.  Raised in Nassau, Bahamas Matt shared that he missed home.  “It’s an incredible place to live” he said, “what’s not to love, ya know?”.  We exchanged admirations for Conch fritters (hey, I went there on vacation years ago) and before long, we pulled up to the house.

Matt has never modeled for a photographer before.  Not even with clothes on.  So, I gave him my standard speech about movement and “pretend the lens is a gorgeous woman”, etc… (I know I know – I’m working on a better speech).  He nodded as if he understood, and his clothes came off- folding them neatly and stacking them on one of the sofas.  He calmly stood in front of the camera and I just took it all in for a moment.  “You don’t seem like the type that works out” I said, admiring his beautifully sculpted torso.  “I don’t” Matt replied.”  Ah, to be 22 again.. sigh.

Matt Jennings Matt Jennings

His body hair is (gasp) intact – which has ALWAYS been my preference (no thanks to the girlfriends), but his hair was plastered back to his scalp because of the hat.  “Ok, get the hair wet and we can start”, I said.  Matt walked to the bathroom.  As I passed the open door, I noticed him preening in the mirror.  Taking a hair from here and placing it over there… I walked in and ran my hand into his thick head of hair – then shook it until it looked “un-fussed” with.  “there” I said… “Let’s start.”

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