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Coming Soon: Matt Jennings: Lights Out

Matt Jennings

Matt Jennings

Well, the “lights out” part of Matt’s shoot is finally live on BeautifulMag and I’ll add some new shots for you to see in the next couple days.

In the meantime,

There are over 300 images of Matt Jenning’s “Lights Out” shoot on my zenfolio site.  Access all of Matt’s photos plus dozens of other HOT guys now for just $14.99/month!

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Take a look at some of Matt’s other shoots!

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  1. this is an Oops that really paid off – what beautiful pics!

  2. I’m glad the lights went out, what stunning photos in which captures the masculinity of Matt. Beantiful

  3. Sometimes less is more. With the reduced lighting that Boxer had to work with, much of Matt Jennings’ stunning body remains hidden from our view. However, we can see just enough of Matt to leave us wondering what we are missing, and longing to see much more of him.

  4. Hey, to each their own I guess. It was actually the result of losing two strobes in one afternoon. No lights left to use and a beautiful naked man in front of me… I just tried to make the best of the situation. But, thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting!
    all the best-

  5. I don’t quite get the appeal of this “lights out” approach. I think I get what you’re trying to do, but just a little too dark, me thinks. Bummer that Matt smokes, though the smoke itself is an interesting affect.

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