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Coming Soon: Matt Jennings Gets a Haircut

Matt Jennings Gets a Haircut

I talked to Matt a few weeks ago and he told me that he was going to ask a girl out that he had known for awhile.  “She’s alot of fun and she’s sexy as hell, so now I just have to figure out what I’m gonna say.”  I couldn’t imagine that there’d be any problem… Who could turn down a guy like Matt?  Well, as I suspected – there wasn’t a problem at all – and the two have been seeing each other for a couple weeks now.

“Hey B, it’s Matt.. call me, man.”  I heard the answering machine messages while I was putting groceries away, and I scrolled back through the numbers on the phone to find Matt’s.

“Hey buddy.. what’s up?”

Matt was laughing as he started to tell me what happened “Ok, dude check out how messed up this is.”

My initial thought was that someone had seen his photos.  God, I hate thinking that!

He continued.. “So Jennifer spent the night last night, right?  Well, I woke up this morning to the sound of clippers, man.. She shaved a huge strip from my chest straight down to my dick.  It looks all fucked up now.”  Matt continued laughing.

I wasn’t as amused.. But it’s par for the course.  The guys that choose to go natural (with their body hair) are usually single – and as Jason put it “Guys like head and chicks hate picking hair out of their teeth.”

“So, what are you going to do?” I asked.

“I was thinking that I’d finish the job and then head over for some pics.. ”

Well, at least something good could come from this, eh?  I love photographing Matt and while I’ve gotten used to his quiet broody personality, he seemed unusually happy and talkative on the phone.

“Ok, well don’t shave your armpits.. that’s gross.” I added.  “Ok, see you in a little while.”  He said.

more coming soon….

Matt Jennings

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  1. HA! I was waiting for your post, Rascal… I knew that you – above all – would be disappointed to see the smooth bod! I’m bummed too, but got some great pics anyway!


    Matt didn’t get a haircut, he got a shave … a body shave.

    How to ruin a great lookin’ guy!

    Screw Jennifer and her hang-ups!

    If the pubes in the teeth were a problem, just … I can’t believe I’m suggesting this … trim that particular area … a little … just enough.

    Why doesn’t Matt just shave his armpits, his forearms and his legs while he’s at it? Shit, his head, too.


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