Artistic Nudes of Beautiful Men

Coming Soon (hopefully): Taylor Jameson

Ok, modeling nude isn’t for everyone.. I get it.  People have a variety of hang-ups regarding this and they span all over the board.
“What if my mom sees these?”
“You’re a guy…No way”
“I hate my legs”
“I’ve got a little dick”
yadada … yadada … yadada.

But Taylor had multiple reservations – even after he agreed to head over and go for it.  “Man, I don’t know.. I was ok on the way over, but now I’m sweating.  Gotta beer?  Maybe that’ll help.”

I pride myself on making my guys feel safe and comfortable here.  It’s easy really.  Most are straight and many have never done this before.  When they arrive for the first time, they’re greeted at the door by the dogs and a big Macaw parrot.  Most calm down immediately when they realize that I’m not some nut job and that they’re actually in a regular home.  I’m honest and friendly and I NEVER NEVER NEVER grope the guys.  There’s usually wine, beer and bottled water – but, honestly speaking – most guys don’t/won’t drink anything during their first shoot.

Jason came clean on the second visit here about our first shoot together.  “I thought ‘this guy could put something in my drink and I’ll wake up two days later’ or something like that.”  I can’t help but sympathize with the guys.  There’s a lot of trust required and when they’ve only met me for a few minutes, well – there’s not a lot of time to trust me.

So, back to Taylor.  I showed him where we would work.  I showed him another model’s shoot (Adam’s I believe).  and we sat down at the desk and just talked.  “I’m feeling a little better now”, he said “but, can I have another beer?”  I got another for him.  “I’m just a farm boy from Wyoming, so this stuff is all crazy to me.”  “I know, Taylor.. I get it” I said “take your time and if you’re still uncomfortable, we can reschedule.  But, c’mere and sit for me.  I’ll take a couple shots with your clothes on and you can see what it’s like.”

I’ve never even had to do that before, but what the hell?  “ok, at least take your shirt off.” and he did.

We sat back down at the desk and looked at his photos. “Damn, I should have straightened out my back a little.  I look fat, don’t I?”  I replied, “you look amazing.. Jesus, Taylor – your eyes are incredible.  Why are you so apprehensive about doing this?  You’re beautiful!  Are you small?”  I went for the ONE thing that will stop a guy from getting naked everytime.  If they feel like they don’t measure up, then there’s just no point in going on any further.  It’s not gonna happen.

“I don’t think so” he said and he reached for his cell phone.  “I was going to send this to you earlier”.  He showed me a photo he had taken of himself earlier in the day.  Not small.  Not small at all.  I smiled and said “Ok, that’s it – get naked.”  Taylor laughed and admitted that it wasn’t going to happen today.  “Can I come back tomorrow?”  “Sure”, I said “5 o’clock?”

Taylor is currently out of a job and considering a military career if something doesn’t open up soon.  He’s a sweet guy with a bright smile and crystal blue eyes.  It’s 11:26 am in Phoenix, AZ and Taylor has a 5pm appointment back here.  I’ll wait right along with you and let you know what happens!

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  1. God, he looks as pure as the white driven snow!

  2. Who knows, Jill? If I talk to him before he leaves for Wyoming, I’ll ask!

  3. Hi Binnie,
    I wish I could oblige, but Taylor had second thoughts and canceled on me (again). He’s taking a farm-hand job in Wyoming, so any future hairstyles will be left to our imagination. Good luck Taylor!
    All the best-

  4. Hi E,
    These guys find me a variety of ways and sometimes I find them. They reply to an ad or I send them an email with some of my past photos attached. Either way – they know exactly what I want. I’m REALLY upfront about it and I’m completely transparent. No hidden anything. Taylor ended up talking with me after he emailed me off of one of my ads, and I guess I just expect that the guys who contact me straighten it all out in their heads before they schedule a shoot.
    I honestly wrote about this because it doesn’t usually happen to me. Maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled? The guys that come here for photos are comfortable in their own skin. Otherwise, why would they be here?
    I really do get it, E. I understand that there are A LOT of guys out there that wouldn’t agree to this if asked. In fact, sometimes I’ll send 30 emails out to 30 guys and I’ll get ONE response. ONE! So that part’s not new to me at all. Getting turned down is all part of this thing I do. I just got a little frustrated with Taylor because he emailed me initially and because he scheduled – and subsequently canceled – TWICE. I mean, despite what others may think, it’s not like I just sit here all day waiting for the next hot guy to come over.. Ok, I do that a lot. Hehe
    But, hey E – if you ever want to spend an hour or so in Boxerzbed, send me your photo! If you get the last minute Jitters, maybe I’ll know how to handle it a little better this time thanks to Taylor.
    All the best – and thanks for the note!

  5. Box,
    I really like what you do, but not sure that getting naked could be that plausible for me personally should I ever be asked to do that. The scope of guys you pictured here lets me suppose you’re a great psycho expert )))))))))) Looking forward for the new pics to come.

  6. Oh, make him do SOMETHING with that silly roman hair. Mess it up. Beautiful eyes, perfect teeth, but that hair cut. ICK. More of the tattoo also.

  7. ughhh… Taylor emailed me a few minutes before he was supposed to be here saying “I won’t be able to do them man. Its not me to do the full nude shoots. I’m a cloth kinda guy sorry again.”

  8. Does he like older women?


  10. 12:56 – Taylor just called and asked if he could come over early – No problems here, so he says that he’ll be here around 3:45p. I guess he slept on it and is alright now.

  11. Dear Taylor,
    Please come back to Boxerzbed and never ever leave.

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