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Coming Soon: Devin Albright, the Second Set

Devin Albright

Out of all the beautiful guys that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here for photos, I can honestly say that 21 year old Devin Albright should model professionally.  There’s just something about this guy that makes me want to grab the camera.

Devin Albright Devin Albright

After his first shoot, I got several emails from other adult websites pleading with me for his contact info or at least an introduction. It’s not strange to get those emails.  I’ve gotten them since I started all of this, so I’m used to it.  Several Boxerboys have gone on to appear on Sean Cody, Randy Blue, Chaosmen and Jake Cruise just to name a few.

But, these typically “boilerplate” emails had a different tone after Devin’s first shoot got published on Boxerzbed. “We’d be happy to pay a finder’s fee”, “Please do not ignore this email” ,”We’ve reserved March for Devin”… yadada yadada yadada.

Devin Albright

Devin Albright

Devin’s response?

“Nope.. that’s all porn and I don’t want to get in to all that.  Modeling’s fine.  Naked’s fine, too.  Someone else can do all that other stuff.”

So, I would politely say “No” on Devin’s behalf and move one.

Then I got an email from Playgirl’s Daniel Nardicio with a simple “call me” message and a New York phone number.

Devin Albright Devin Albright

More from Devin’s second shoot on it’s way (including some cool dark stuff)!  Stay tuned and have a GREAT week!

Devin Albright

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  1. Nice lighting. Very warm and sensual. You’ve come a long way already!

    Only thing that hit me was the really WHITE foot in the background.! It really stands out…looks like a plaster foot, LOL!
    I know it’s the harsh sunlight from the window. But ya gotta fix that. I’d use photoshop and just delete it. He’ll still be able to walk….;-)


  1. Devin Albright, Afternoon Sun | Boxerzbed
  2. Devin, Afternoon Sun

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