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Coming Soon: Dean Morrow

Dean Morrow

I got an email from Dean a couple weeks ago saying that he’d seen my website and wanted to model for me.  He described himself as a straight 18 year old cagefighter and added that in High School, he was known as “Big D” and that the “D” wasn’t for “Dean”.

Well, I had to meet this guy…

Dean Morrow

What should have been a shoot lasting an hour or so turned into over three hours of talking, laughing and – of course, shooting.

“You move really well, Dean – these are turning out great”

“Thanks.  I watch Top Model alot”

“Really?  Who’s gonna win this year?”

“The hot one.”

Dean Morrow Dean Morrow

As the afternoon progressed, Dean’s cell phone kept ringing.

“Do you need to get that?”

“No, it’s just my brothers texting me trying to find out if I’m still alive”


“I told them that I was going to go to some guy’s house that wanted to take naked pictures of me.”

“Ah.. Do you want to let ’em know you’re alright?”

Dean laughed.. “Nope.”

Dean Morrow

More photos coming soon!

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  1. I agree Kevin.. But, I’ve got the DL photo to prove it – 5/24/1991

  2. hmmm…i’m not sure yet.

    he’s only 18? he seems older than 18

  3. …. a sigh of general disappointment …

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