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Coming Soon: Austin Kruger

Austin Kruger

My neighbors were envious of me last night.  Austin no more than pulled away from my house and the phone started ringing.

“That guy was HOT man!”

“Who was that?”

“I know that guy from my gym!”

Yeah, Austin Kruger is really something to see.  He walked into the house saying “Your neighbors told me which house was yours” and when I explained that they would probably try and peek through the windows when they saw the strobes going off, this 27 year old valet gave his trademark crooked smile and replied “that’s alright.. I’m better with an audience.”

Austin Kruger

Photos are coming soon!

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  1. how ’bout some decent ass shots … several of them! … no, not bent over pushing his butt into our faces, but standing naturally … nice, from-the-back studies … imagine Michelangelo’s David from the rear … if this guy has nice legs, definitely include those, too … oh yeah, since it’s pretty clear he’s just beginning to grow pubic hair, maybe you should wait ’til he’s gotten all the way through puberty before working any more with him :)

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