Artistic Nudes of Beautiful Men

A Little about me…

I started photographing nude men over 8 years ago.  I guess it started more as a voyeuristic fantasy than anything else.  Beautiful nude men laying naked in front of me… What’s not to love, right?

Back then, I would log onto and just say what I wanted to do…  Great looking guys would IM me and we’d set an appointment to do the photos.  After a couple guys on began using the photos I had taken as their profile photos, I started to get more emails, phone calls, etc… inquiring about appointments.  After awhile, my photos seemed to be all over the place and I was getting really busy!

And the way I was taking photos was changing, too.  I wasn’t glaring at my models anymore like a kid in the candy store… I found myself paying more attention, instead – to the camera controls,  studying the light in the room and the way it related to the guys.  I began to focus on the whole image instead of the hot guy lying nude in front of me.  My photography began to improve and each time it did, I wanted the result to be better.  I wanted the guys to be better, too… abs a little more developed, face more chiseled…   because light streaming across great abs is unforgettable.

My photos are still a work in progress.  They evolve with each new guy that emails or calls me and comes over for a couple hours in the afternoon.  One thing never seems to change, though.  When the guy is dressing and I’m downloading the first card of photos into my computer, I still get excited.  I’m getting to meet my new model.. not in person, but where it counts for a digital photographer.  On the screen.

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