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Complete Photo Sets on Zenfolio

There are currently over 18,000 high quality original high-resolution photos on my Zenfolio page.  Access is just $14.99 per month!

I thought it might be helpful to show you how your membership and the Zenfolio site works, so here’s a rundown:

First, you’ll join our membership group by clicking on any of the paypal buttons throughout this site.  One just like this!

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The PayPal screen will open and ask you to sign in.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s ok!  You can still use the checkout feature.

As soon as you’ve completed your membership, an important screen will appear.  It looks just like this:

This screen will have your password inside the yellow oval.  Be sure to write it down for instant access, though you’ll also receive a copy of it in your email.

This is a screencap of the main page at boxer.zenfolio.  All of the models and their photoshoots are here. Each model and photo shoot is labeled with a title and cover photo.

When you choose the model and shoot that you’d like to view, the ENTIRE shoot opens (below is just a partial page screen cap of Aaron’s Shower set).

By selecting any of the individual photos in the set, a larger image screen opens with the selected photo in the center, and additional thumbnails along the top of the screen.  Like this:

By clicking the large photo again, a lightbox screen opens with a larger photo and offers the option to download either the initial photo at it’s original size – OR – the entire photo set!

You can add individual photos to your “Favorites List” and view them anytime you wish – OR download all of your favorites right on to your own computer.

Pretty Cool, eh?  I think that just about covers your membership at  You can stay a member as long as you wish!  Check it out for 30 days and leave (although, I’ll be really sad if you do) or hang around and meet all of the new Boxerboys for $14.99 each month!

These photo shoots, with hundreds of original pics for each model are currently available for viewing AND NOW DOWNLOADING at:  If you’re already a member, check it out now!  If you’re not a member yet, sign up here for just $14.99/month!

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